ThermoView Ti30热像仪—更简单、更迅速、更便宜
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ThermoView Ti30热像仪—更简单、更迅速、更便宜

Takes thermal images and temperature measurements and allows plant maintenance staff to download qualitative & quantitative data for analysis & reporting.
七月 01, 2003
Raytek® Corporation, the worldwide leader in infrared thermometry, today is shipping the ThermoView™ Ti30 thermal imager, a new product that, for the first time, allows plant maintenance personnel with minimal training to conduct cost effective and highly accurate predictive maintenance inspections and equipment troubleshooting. 
The high performance, multi-featured ThermoView imager is designed to maximize predictive maintenance and inspection payback in utilities, pharmaceutical, petrochemical, pulp and paper processing and other manufacturing and production facilities concerned with asset protection, increased productivity, quality control and reduced downtime. The ThermoView imager’s affordability and ease of use makes it the low cost way to expand the frequency and reach of an existing predictive maintenance program in which expensive imagers may be unavailable for additional inspections.
“For the first time facilities that have felt the cost of predictive maintenance based on thermographic inspections to be too prohibitive, now can establish a serious program relying on the cost-conscious ThermoView imager,” says Fernando Lisboa, ThermoView imager product manager and Portable Division director of marketing. “Now everyone can easily begin predictive maintenance programs and analyze and report their findings.” 
To assist those new to predictive maintenance, Raytek will provide prospective customers with an assessment of their predictive maintenance needs. Purchasers both knowledgeable and new to predictive maintenance will benefit from imaging training included with every unit shipped, and designed to facilitate payback and emphasize electrical and mechanical applications. An interactive user guide included with every ThermoView Ti30 imager provides product information, thermography applications, and infrared theory. 
Rugged, yet lightweight (2.2lbs), the ThermoViewTi30 imager provides fast image scanning and radiometric measurements on a large LCD screen. Images are saved for downloading into companion Inside IR™ thermal analysis and reporting software. 
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