MI3荣获2011年度Control Engineering(控制工程)工程师选择奖
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MI3荣获2011年度Control Engineering(控制工程)工程师选择奖

三月 29, 2011
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Raytek ® , a leading worldwide provider of infrared (IR) thermometry, today announced that its MI3 Series of infrared temperature measurement sensors has received a 2011 Control Engineering Engineers' Choice Award. The MI3 Series represents a new generation of performance and innovation in noncontact temperature monitoring for Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) applications and manufacturing processes.
Control Engineering Engineers' Choice Awards highlight some of the best new control, instrumentation and automation products as chosen by Control Engineering's print and online subscribers. Survey respondents are asked to select products based on technological advancement, service to the industry, and market impact.
Chosen by Control Engineering subscribers as one of the best new process sensors, the Raytek MI3 Series delivers industry-leading performance and flexibility at the lowest installed cost per measurement point. The MI3 combines a rugged IP65 (NEMA 4) stainless steel sensing head with a separate communication module. The thermometers are available with a broad choice of sensing head temperature ranges and spectral responses, a standard USB 2.0 digital interface for easy sensor set-up and configuration, a fully programmable electronics platform, and response times as fast as 20 mSec. The MI3's innovative multiple sensing head interface supports up to eight individually addressable heads per communication box.
Other standard MI3 features include: adjustable emissivity, transmissivity, peak hold, valley hold and signal averaging; and configurable inputs for emissivity control, ambient background compensation and trigger/hold input.

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